Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loafer Love

I mean who could resist those cute little fluffy things?

I've turned into Tiennie Knits over these Malabrigo Loafers from Coco Knits. (BTW--did you see the shout-out Tiennie got in the Knit.1 Mag? Very cool!) But I've definitely caught her multiple fever as I've made 3 pairs of loafers in the last few weeks--the Christmas pair for my aunt, a pair for my Mom, and a pair for me. Last time I talked to mom she was packing hers in her suitcase to take to San Diego, I'm not sure if my aunt has taken hers off since Christmas, and I haven't taken mine off since last weekend because they are cozy, crazy warm.

This pair was made with a pink and rose combination. Mom chose not to have the froufrou decorations--if you knew my mom, you'd nod your head and say "no, of course not." But even without the funny little fluffs, I think they turned out cute.

When I got down to knit mine, I really wanted to use the green with black soles, but I didn't have enough of the black left to do both soles--but then in the process of cleaning out the stash, I found a little bit of leftover Malabrigo from my Axel Mitts and I was off and running. Here I've knit the soles and picked up the stitches with two circs along the edges.

I've churned through nearly 3-4 skeins of Malabrigo, (2 skeins of black, the entire rose skein, and a little over half of both the green and light pink) which makes this a good stash buster project and a great way to use up smaller skeins of other yarns. I'm thinking of making a pair in superwash wool for taking with me when I travel.

This pattern is easy to follow and I've gotten it down to where I can knit a pair in two nights--which makes them a great addition to the gifting repertoire. I score them with a pair of Fetchings if you need a quick gift. Great for getting a jump on Holiday Knitting or becoming She-Ra Queen of the Year Long Gift Along Knitters.

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tiennie said...

Those are totally cute! You know I'm always up for the multiple knits! Thanks for your kind words. I don't know anything about a mention in the Knit1 Magazine. That's cool! Where can I find it? Thanks!