Sunday, November 16, 2008

FO Mitts

Since I've been digging through my stash of late, I've found various FOs in various states of abandonment. One of those, I couldn't resist finishing this week, if only because the weather keeps getting nippier and nippier, and eventually my Fetchings won't be enough to keep my fingers warm as we walk to school in the morning, hence the very essential need to finish my Axel Mitts.

No one could blame me for setting aside my NaNoSweMo Vine Lace Cardigan for a few days to finish them--I knew I couldn't. I'd been digging through my stash like a rag picker, looking for my Malabrigo (kinda hard to find when you only have two skeins of Malabrigo) because I've become obsessed with the Malabrigo Loafters. I love having something warm and woolly on my feet during the day and these just look like heaven if you stalk the Ravelry page like I do. So one morning, I couldn't stand it any longer (okay, my feet were cold) and a stash diving I went.

And found the Malabrigo under one finished Axel Mitt and the rest of the skein connected to one half knit mitt. I was all gung ho to frog them both until I slid my hand into the finished one. Ooooh. Way to warm and cozy. No January wind off the Sound is going through those babies. So I decided to finish the second one--and discovered why I stopped--the stitch count was all wonky.

Note to self: when you set aside a knitting project in disgust, pin a little note to it for later. Something like: BooBoo-Head, you messed up the stitch count. Or maybe, Don't even try, for the love of God, just frog this *&(%$ thing.

So I frogged the second one and recast on and in about two nights had a second finished mitt. Now here's the thing--why didn't I do that last February when I originally cast these on? I can't remember why, and I suppose it doesn't matter now.

Oh, BTW, these would make a great, quick Christmas present for just about anyone--well unless they live in, say, Phoenix. Add a purl stitch to either side of the front pattern, and then an extra stitch or two in the palm and they would easily fit a man's hand.

What have you got unfinished that is nagging at you? Or better yet, have you found something recently that you thought you should finish?

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Margaret said...

They do look warm and cozy, Elizabeth. I've been looking for a different fingerless mitt pattern that the Maine Fingerless Mitt I've made half a dozen of for various kids and grandkids. Plus me, of course.

In fact, I'm the Maine ones right now for one of my daughters-in-law. She wanted pink. So, I got Crystal Palace Fjord in Rose. It's so yummy to knit with.

Then, I'm going to try these that you are showing here.

Since I've gotten back into knitting about a year ago, I've stuck to small projects that can be finished quickly. Hats, gloves, a couple of scarves. That sort of thing. I don't seem to have the ambition to tackle a sweater nor, for sure, an afghan. Mainly I just want the soothing rhythm of knitting and finishing something.

I'm almost tempted to try the baby sweater, tho.

BTW, in the Axel pattern, what does PM mean? As in "Next round: CO 1 st, pm, k1tbl..."

I can't figure out what it is and couldn't find a glossary on the Blue Garter web site. I would appreciate it if you can enlighten me.

Happy knitting.