Monday, January 05, 2009

She loved it!!!

With all the snow that came down on Christmas Day, my mom and brother and his family couldn't make it to our house for Christmas dinner. So we put it all off for a week and had Christmas on New Year's Eve.

I was so excited about the Clapotis I had made for my mother, (Ravel linked) that I was a little disappointed at having to wait (well, heck I'd had it finished and blocked a week before Christmas!) but it was well worth it. She wrapped it around her shoulders and didn't take it off all evening, declaring it "perfect and gorgeous" as only a mother can. Christmas knitting accomplished!

Now I want to make one for myself. But I am going to hold off buying anything for a bit. You see, I spent last Saturday pulling out every skein of yarn I own. But more on that in my next post. Which should be called, "Treasure Untroved."

How did your Christmas knitting fare?

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Mae said...

Your mother was right, the colorway and pattern look perfect and beautiful on her!!! Way to go!!!