Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Loafers for Winter Loafing

I made these Malabrigo Loafers (Ravel link) up the weekend before Christmas to gift to my Aunt Susie, who is currently buried in record setting levels of snow in Couer d'Alene, Idaho. When you get 30 inches of snow in one day, you need a good pair of loafers, 'cause you aren't going anywhere.

I had seen a number of these on Ravelry and purchased the pattern from Coco Knits right away because I had the Malabrigo in my stash. Not that such a notion stopped me from purchasing more while I was at A Good Yarn Shop at the beginning of the month. I had a feeling I was going to like the pattern and besides, when January 5th hits, and I have to sit down and get back to writing like a madwoman, I'll be happy to have a pair sitting on my feet--I swear the space under my desk is part Frigidare.

I knit both soles on straights first.

Then got out the circs and picked up the stitches around the edge:

And then worked the 12 or so rows to make up the uppers. She uses decreases and multiple short rows over a single row to build the front part of the uppers. I don't mind short rows in the least having gotten over that intimidation while knitting the Drops Baby Jacket. (Ravel linked). The trick to short rows is to remember to pick up the wrap and knit it together with the stitch it is wrapped around--that and remember what row you are on!

Before you know it, you have a slipper. Really, there is only about 12 rows to make the uppers and these are so easy and fast and, most importantly, cute. I did block them a little using a rolled up hand towel, a press cloth and a steam iron.

I finished them in the Penny Loafer style without the slot for pennies. When I read that these were a fast knit, I took the other knitters' claims on faith, having saved them for my last weekend of holiday knitting and believe me, they are a true quick knit, sort of Fetchings for the feet. So much so, I think this coming weekend I am going to knit up a pair for myself. Happily, I enough in my stash to make at least two more pairs.

What have you fallen in love with knitting in 2008?

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Knitting4Bella said...

I had to comment on the snow in Cd'A, since I too live in Cd'A and it was horrible, 2 winters in a row and stuck in the house for weeks on end unles going to work, grocery store and of course LYS. Love the loafers.