Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UFOs and other Goals for 2007

So how will I start 2007? With the same resolution as last year, to knit from the stash, but I know now that I am coming at it with a new awareness--a real strong desire to give new life to my shelved yarn. But there are also a bunch of UFOs in there as well, that deserve a chance to live. So here is what I want to do in the New Year:

1) Finish the sweaters. I have four sweaters that are in various stages of knittedness, plus yarn set aside for three more, as well as yarn for a shrug. It is time to finish them. I love sweaters, I live in sweaters, and why I haven't finished them is a mystery. Time to just get the work done of knitting them and enjoying them.

2) Look at all the other UFOs in my stash and give them the same once over I gave my stash last year. If I don't love it, or it is a gift whose pull date is past any chance of recovery it is time to rip them apart and either find a new use for the yarn or put them in the sale pile.

4) Figure out how to duplicate this really cute bag that I got at a gift exchange--it really isn't much--just heavy felt glued together--as a felted purse for next Christmas.

5) Knit a shawl. I've been collecting purple yarns to do a stash shawl for my mom and I want to do it for her for this year. Besides, it looks like it would be fun.

3) Realize that my knitting time is precious, and knit only for myself. But even as I write this, I am considering knitting a bunch of washclothes for Christmas presents next year. Out of my stash of Sugar & Cream, of course. And there is the throw I want to do for my mom, but other than that, knit only for me.

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tiennie said...

Great goals! Will cheer you on!