Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh, I should never have started . . .

This is what happens when I start felting. I can't stop. I start looking around for just anything to knit up and throw in the washing machine.

Worse yet--I had to go to LYS to pick up yarn to finish the two charity purses I started. (Here's the pink tote getting closer and closer to its hot water reckoning.) Sure, I was just going to pick up skeins to finish a project. And I had convinced myself that by taking the Little Hero, aka The Child Yarn Shops Fear, with me, that I would be so busy hanging onto him, grabbing the right two skeins and flinging cash at the relieved shop owner, so as to get out of there in under 60 seconds, I would be assured of not being tempted to stray from the Vow. But I had forgotten that The Yarn Stash in Burien has a little corner set aside for kids and he was immediately charmed into playing quietly. My child. Behaving. In a yarn shop. Finally I was being repaid for being snowbound for six days.

But oh, the damage one can reap when they have been snowbound with kids and are in a felting frenzy. "Knit from your stash. Knit from your stash," this guilt ridden voice cried out from my conscience. "Remember the vow."

Stuff the vow. I've been home for six days with kids. And really the little guy was having such a great time playing in the corner, that only a bad mother would have disrupted him.

The first grab was this Kureyon. I've been eyeing this for months, ever since I saw this Booga Bag. Did I mention it is felted? I've actually been picking up this color combination at yarn stores all over Seattle for months and then putting them back down because I wanted to knit from my stash. But there they were, and you can already see I was in no mood to be good.

So then I was bad. Very bad.

I've also had my eye on some Touch Me. That I wanted to felt with. Yes, you read that correctly. I want to take some Touch Me and felt it. And as I made my way to the cash register with my Kureyon clutched in my guilt-free little grasp, there in the 40% off basket sat the very three skeins I need to make the scarf I've been coveting at Acorn Yarn Shop. Acorn always has the coolest samples on view, and the Touch Me felted scarf is one of them. 40% off? Pinch me. No make that Touch Me!

So now I have two more felted projects in the queue. And conveniently at the library today was the copy of Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers. This should give me some great ideas for flowers to decorate the pink purse with. And I promise--I'll use yarn from my stash for the flowers. I'll be good.


Ronikins said...

Oohhhh, can't wait to see the Touch Me scarf. Too bad they haven't invented touch by screen yet, cause I'd prefer to snuggle it! You did the right thing, it was 40% off!!

Elizabeth said...

Exactly my point. 40% off! I'd walked past it a week earlier when I'd bought the Cascade 220 for felting. But I was in no mood to resist. I almost don't want to knit it, just keep it to snuggle--just like you said.

Anonymous said...

Having knitted with are in for a wonderful...

I love that some LYS have an area for kids...Mine is finally able to plop down with a book and read...but those corners with toys were wonderful!

Not a flake here...I think we're wishing for a bit of snow...send it this way!!