Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snowbound . . . With kids, and the DH

When you wake up and the day looks like this, and those four words all mother's dread are emblazoned across the school's website. You know the ones. School is Closed Today. Then you might as well make snowman pancakes and have an impromptu holiday.

Now the kids home all day I can take. But the DH? Oy! But we live at the bottom of a wickedly steep hill and when it snows, there's only one way out--and only if you have chains AND 4-wheel drive. Now my feeling is, that if it's a snow day, for goodness sakes, let's enjoy it. But the DH is a manager at heart and was ready to manage three people who take to managing like a herd of cats.

I managed to slip free from his net for awhile and worked on sewing up my Manos Cardi. But as I've set the sleeves and started to get it closer and closer to being assembled, I have the sinking feeling it isn't going to fit. I'm almost dreading finishing it if I can't wear it. The sleeves are way too long--but those I can take back and add cuffs. I think. Not a project to be working on when the other half thinks I should be outside rearranging the snow. (My Seattle term for shoveling snow.) He's from the Midwest, so apparently when it snows everyone goes out to move it around. We Seattle natives tend to wait it out. Because in 24 hours, more likely than not, it will melt.

Luckily for me, I'd gone to the LYS yesterday to pick up yarn for my auction knitting. Last year I knit a trio of small purses for the FEAT auction and they went for over $100. So I thought to knock off three more felted purses for this year's auction before my new needles for the CPH arrive.

Unfortunately the kids weren't as enthusiastic about winding yarn as the last time (but then again there was no power the last time, so watching the swift go round and round doesn't hold the same appeal when one can watch SpongeBob). So after getting the five skeins of Cascade 220 I nabbed wound like pretty cakes, I started this purse (the Small Zipper Bag from Pursenalities by Eva Wiechmann--this book is a must have if you love making felted bags) and will use the brown for the bottom and trim and the body in the turquoise.

I'll make a little bucket purse in this pink like the apple green one up above, with some similar felted flowers. But even as I planned the purse, I realized I was already in love with this color, and spent part of my Snow Day thumbing through old magazines and knitting books looking for the right sweater pattern, if say, 9 or 10 skeins of it happened to fall from the sky in front of my mini-van and I had to rush out on the highway to save them before some quilter, not realizing their wonderfulness ran over them.

Well, it could happen.

But even with all the time wasted going through the magazines, I kept drifting back online to CosmicPluto Knits and her Lucy in the Sky sweater. She says it makes a great Fall sweater, but really in pink--I think it would brighten up my Spring.

That is if the sky starts dropping Cascade 220 in color 7805 instead of that boring white stuff.


tiennieknits said...

I love my kids but dang! 8 school days missed? I need them to go to school!

I'm thinking of the Lucy in the Sky sweater too!

Ronikins said...

I'm on a delurking mission...

I'm still chuckling, great post.
I love the turquoise and brown combo, it's a fav of mine lately.


Elizabeth said...

Ronikins, welcome to the blog. I'm glad it made you laugh, and I'm very glad you decided to delurk. Drop by often!

Tiennie, should we try a Lucy KAL? Wouldn't that be fun?