Friday, January 05, 2007


I have three people I want to say "Way to go!!!" If you were here, I'd make you a nice latte like this one.

First, Tiennie at Tiennie Knits. Because these Anemoi mittens are out of this world. She deserves a huge round of applause for her fine knitting.

Second, Annette at Lantern Moon. I bought new Lantern Moon needles to knit my CPH, but after I started knitting, I discovered a hairline fracture in one of the tips. You would never know it was there until you start to knit and the yarn began snagging. My LYS wouldn't exchange them because I didn't have the sales slip, (Note to self: start hanging onto these things!) but Annette at Lantern Moon customer service responded to my email in a matter of hours and is sending me a new needle. How nice is that! Always wonderful to see a company not only stand by their product but do it so quickly and easily.

Finally, a big hug and lots of love to my DH who bought me these lovely flowers yesterday. For my birthday. And because he is a wonderful, dear man.


tiennie said...

Oh yay - happy birthday to you! And thanks so much for the nice compliments on my anemoi! I'm so jealous of your Lantern Moons - I love those needles and the company too. I'm trying to work up the nerve to buy the circular destiny needles from them.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday!

Meredith said...

Hey lady, happy birthday!! Those flowers are gorgeous. I love when companies stand by their product too. It's nice when they recognize that people are actually buying their product and they aren't just sitting around making money. I'm a huge stickler for customer service, so I was happy to hear things worked out for you. I'll have to check out Lantern Moon stuff soon!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a nice day. And Meredith, I hear you on customer service. It really turns me into a loyal customer when a company will take the time to stand behind their product. That, and Lantern Moon needles are wonderful to knit with!