Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pulling out the UFOS . . . One at a time

Nothing like a really wretched Seattle winter storm to get one going on their New Year's goals. Tuesday the weather was horrible--wind and sideways rain--and the kids were still home one Christmas break. (Come on, schools, we moms don't necessarily call it a break!) Here you can see what it was like outside, so the little Heroes and I weren't going anywhere.

So I broke out the Manos Cardi. Can't recall which book this pattern comes from as I got it from the library and my photocopies don't show the title credits. I started this earlier in 2006 and really love it--especially because it is made with Manos Del Uruguay. I've got all the pieces knit, but not put together. Why? Because when I did the right front I forgot to put in the buttonholes. Duh. So I've been waffling between ripping out the right front and reknitting it or doing buttonbands.

Now the pattern just as the cuffs, neck edge and bottom edge all just done in a rolled stockinette. But as I contemplated my mistake, I thought that maybe this a was fortuitous one. I recently picked up a copy of Nicky Epstein's Knitting Beyond the Edge. Inspired by her cool designs, I think I am going to add some really cool bands, as well as a different collar. But first things first. I needed to get it blocked, so here it is in the washing machine getting a nice warm bath. The color stayed true, and after I spun the water out, I hauled my wet mess into the guest room.

Blocking out a sweater is about my least favorite part of knitting, but Manos is really wonderful once it is blocked. I knit the Four Seasons Afghan with it and I was stunned at how soft and wonderful it was after it took that bath--so I knew it would make a great sweater. Little did I know it would take nearly every pin I own to get it blocked.

Now all that is left is to sew it up and give it a little more thought as to which edging to use and how to do it. Has anyone else done this??


tiennie said...

Can't tell you what to do on the edges but can say that I love manos! Do you always block in the washing machine? That would make me so nervous!

Elizabeth said...

I've never had a problem with using the washing machine--the key to it is to make sure it never agitates. Unless of course, you are felting. :)
I think it's a good place to soak the pieces, then go directly to the spin cyle to get nearly all the water out. I used to soak them in the tub, then blot them out in towels, but what a hassle.

tiennie said...

Problem is - I have a front loader, I'd probably felt everything by accident!

Elizabeth said...

I almost bought a front loader about a year ago and then stopped myself--because I was worried I wouldn't be able to felt. I told my DH eventually I do want one, but only if I can keep the old top loader for my felting projects. He gave me that look . . . you know the one men give you when you float an idea like that!