Sunday, November 23, 2008

But is it Enough??!!

That's always the dilemma I face as I prepare to go away. How do I know if I have enough knitting with me, because horrors of all horrors, what if I run out???

Now me running out of knitting is about as likely to happen as it is the kids will remain in good spirits the entire car ride and not ask once "are we there yet?" But still I fret about this more than I probably should. Once I get a trip on the calendar, I immediately start to consider what project(s) will be coming along. I also have to balance how much room I have for extras. Oh, heck, who am I kidding? There is always room for my knitting,

right alongside the book or two I always tuck into my packing. Skip the emergency kit as long as I have a good book (or three) and a great project (or five), I'm good. Though here I am with some great knitting and a Georgette Heyer I've never read (Faro's Daughter)--this could present some problems. I'll have to learn to read and knit at the same time.

But back to that "what should I take with me" question. I do give this lots of consideration. I know better than to try and haul a sweater along, but then I get antsy that I will burn through a bunch of small projects and be stranded. As if. I never go anywhere without bringing along a Mapquest printout to the nearest LYS. I suppose that does confirm it, I am completely neurotic.

But there it is. Five days away from my stash. I had to be prepared. Sort of like mapping out the Thanksgiving cooking schedule. Over the last few weeks, I've been tucking the yarn and patterns into my travel bag, and today I went through and double-checked it all, reading over my patterns to make sure I also have all the necessary needles and tools. I went with a theme--Christmas knitting. Sort of my own Christmas knitting boot camp. Such as Jared Flood's Turn A Square Hat

for the oldest hero and the DH. I hope there is also enough of this wonderful Cascade 220 for mittens for Nick. Should be. I swear sometimes it is nearly impossible to get to the end of a skein of 220, but I'll give it my best shot.

I've also got the Clapotis for my mom, more mittens for Matthew (who is gradually learning to wear them), Christmas dishcloths (truly emergency knitting) and my current socks, 'cause it would just be wrong to leave the house without them.

Now I just have to keep my fingers this will be enough. (Of course it is, but I can't help but worry.)

So what would you pack if you had five days to do nothing but sit around, eat, read and knit?


Mae said...

I am just as bad, even if I'm only leaving the house for the day I generally have two projects on me JUST IN CASE!!!

Mae said...

ALSO, What IS that yarn in the previous diary entry? I am falling in love with the color and may have to befriend you so I can steal the sweater when it's done, like good friends do! haha.

Patricia said...

Good question. I always overpack and then plans and events change and the projects don't get knit or books don't get read. Although on my last trip I actually ran out of underwear?!
I will be working on the same hat as well. I am waiting for an additional skien of Alpaca to begin my cast on.