Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah, Good Intentions

You see, I had all these good intentions to knit from the Bucket List and stick with it. And for the most part I sort of have been. Wow, is that a terrible oxy moron. But with it being November, I always intended to knit a new sweater this month. I love a new winter sweater--something warm and cozy that I can toss on when my office gets cold.

So I started the Vine Lace Cardigan with yarn from the stash (see all the good intentions there: knit from the stash, knit from the list, keep your eyes on completing things.) In the midst of all these good intentions, I actually made some great progress on it--getting the yoke done, the sleeves knit and making the join up.

Then I went to the Holiday sale at my son's school and discovered that one of the other mothers dyes yarns. Sarah Brown Design. Which is sort of ironic, because I have a character in my books by the same name. I couldn't figure out if it was Fate tempting me or taunting me. Gads, why not just put a plate of fudge in front of my keyboard.

So I fell off the wagon and bought two skeins (one in this colorway and another in a great boyish mix called "Ultra Hulk." Then my cold feet overtook my desire for a new sweater and I immediately cast on a pair with this lovely colorway, Honeysuckle. I knew I wanted a fast pair of simple toe-up socks. Besides, I can't look at this color way and not feel happy.

So taking hints from Tiennie of Tiennie Knits and Big Sister Nicole over at Stash & Burn, I knit the first sock up to the heel, and then cast on the second one and am in the process of getting it up to the heel. Hopefully by knitting them in tandem, I will avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome.

I also used Judi Becker's Magic Cast-on, as demonstrated by Cat Bordhi. I LOVE learning new cast-ons, and this one is a dream and so very easy. And Cat is a hoot to listen to. I took a class from her years ago, and got into her all day class at Madrona this coming February. So I am just whetting my appetite with a little pre-Madrona sock love.

But now the sweater is calling to me again, and I so wanted to get it finished by the end of the month. With only a week to go, plus Thanksgiving in there, I seriously doubt that is going to happen, but I am going to put in a good effort this weekend and see how far down the body I can go.

My feet will still be cold, but they have some very happy socks coming. I promise.

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