Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Very Fetching Christmas

Fetching Wrist Warmers, that is. And on a very cold day like today, they seem to be the perfect gift. Of course, the finished the green pair are for me. But I went right to work on the butternet ones--these are for my friend Anne. She is a wonderful person, a talented cook and a dear confidante. Here she is on our trip to London this past spring--this picture was taken at the Roman Baths in, well, Bath.

I was supposed to go with my mom, but she came down sick, couldn't go and Anne stepped in at the last moment and came along. Not an easy feat considering she has three kids, one of which she was in the last stages of nursing. But she managed to come along and we had great fun. She also proofreads the galleys of my manuscripts for me--which is a huge service to me, because by the time the galleys arrive, I'm usually really, really sick of the book. So I think the wrist warmers are a nice thank you. Besides, this butternut sort of color is one of Anne's favorites and when I saw the skein, I knew I had to make her a pair.

I never do great big sweaters or things like that for Christmas, but I try to find a small gift I can make that say Thank You. And this year I seem to have a lot of people on that list. But the warmers are fast, and the scarves don't take more than a day or two. And I'm getting caught up on all the back seasons of BSG.

The only problem is that darn bag of Tahki Tweed is sitting there taunting me, just begging me to go swatch it so I can cast on the Central Park Hoodie. But I'm resisting . . . as best I can.


tiennie said...

Such fetching Fetching! Pretty colors!

Meredith said...

Agreed, beautiful job on the Fetching. Your friend will be very happy with them and I just adore that butternut colour too!
I can relate to future knitting jobs calling you while you are working on others. You seem to work faster than I do, but I think both of our brains are ahead of our sticks! Ha ha! Isn't that always the way??

Elizabeth said...

It was torture picking out the colors from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino collection. They are luscious to say the least! And I hate it when other projects are calling and I really need to get something else done. But I'm holding fast and not starting until the Christmas knitting is done. Besides, I'm asking for Lantern Moon needles to do the project with for Christmas--so hopefully that will keep me from swatching. That, and I need to wind all that yarn!