Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leftovers for the Leftover Vest

Last night wasn't the big knitting bust that I thought it would be--actually I got another project lined up. I had said before I wanted to knit a vest and yesterday I went in search of the perfect vest pattern, which no surprise here, I found on

This Leftovers vest is exactly what I wanted--a fun vest to wear over my usual long-sleeve t-shirt (think typical mom uniform) that would hip it up a bit. And be warm. Okay, mostly warm. So last night, with pattern in hand,
I went stash busting, diving straight for my big bag o'wool. Cascade 220 to be exact. Lots of leftovers from hats and felting projects and here is what I threw together between tossing candy at little goblins.

Once I had the yarn, I took snips and arranged and rearranged them until I found a combo I liked, and then I swatched it. I don't think I'll use as much of the white--actually, I'm leaning toward eliminating the white altogether. The other thing I discovered while swatching is that my gauge is off by 2 stitches per 4 inches. I hate swatching because then my gauge is always off. Then I'll start knitting and it will come out differently. Of course this is going to be knit both in the round and back and forth, so the gauge will be a little different between the bottom half and the top half, so there it is. I'll bump the pattern up to the next size and should come in just fine.

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