Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lace Interruption

Never sign up for a knitting class in November, because here it is, the height of Christmas knitting season and I sign up for a Lace knitting class. Oh, what was I thinking? Because now I am obsessed with getting my homework done. Okay, this isn't exactly a trial, but I've got beaucoup wrist warmers and scarves to get done between now and Christmas.

Here's the lace knitting: I love this green color and it photographed really true, which I can't say for all my photos. The pattern is a leaf repeat and this is a closeup.
If you squint really hard you can see the first leaves emerging. Apparently when you block it out, it isn't so "puffy" and the pattern is more clear. I've just got a lot of fussy knitting to do over the next two weeks because I want to complete this between now and Thanksgiving.

Then there are the wrist warmers that I need to finish. I finally found skeins to go with the single skeins to make the Fetching wrist warmers. (long story, see Outta Yarn post below). When I do the next pairs, I am going to make them longer--so they go up to the knuckles, and maybe add a little length in the wrists as well. Why not, I've got the extra yarn now.

At the lace class, the teacher was saying that she likes to knit "sock." That she never gets around to doing the second one of the pair because something else catches her eye. I had to laugh, because while I finished sock 1 of the Fuzzy Feet, I haven't gotten the other one on the needles. Amazing that this great big sock will turn into a size 9 slipper. I'll feel like Cinderella with one sock. But I can't see that I won't get it done before Christmas. Well, my feet will appreciate it in January. Speaking of January, I have a feeling the vest will also have to be shelved until then as well.

So what is everyone else knitting that is keeping them from their appointed holiday projects??


tiennie said...

Ran across your blog today! Always happy to find a knitter close by. Your lace is looking really nice - I'm pretty new to knitting so I haven't done lace yet, or the fingerless gloves (Fetching). Am looking forward to reading more of your blog!

BTW - My husband and I are obsessed with HEROES too! Hiro rocks! LOVE him!!

Elizabeth said...

You may be new to knitting, but I've seen those hoodies you are making and they are gorgeous--and with all those cables! You don't need to fear anything in the round-it's actually very easy.

Isn't Heroes fun! I'm trying to talk everyone I know into watching it. :)

tiennie said...

I don't mind knitting in the round - on 2 circs, on DPNs, on 1 circ, I actually prefer it. I haven't tried the magic loop yet though.

Elizabeth said...

I have done magic loop, but don't make enough socks to make it worthwhile. After knitting nearly all my life, I'd never used double points until this last summer.