Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Clapotis

I am on the home stretch of getting the Clapotis done for my mom's Christmas present. I've been on a strict schedule of getting two repeats done a day to make my way quickly through the middle section. I can see where people could get bogged down in the middle of this, but I find it really easy to knit and the pattern is such that it isn't too boring.

Yesterday there was a prediction for a huge snow storm to hit Seattle, and all the schools panicked and canceled school. Now in their defense, there was snow, but it went north and south of Seattle--God bless the Olympic Mountains to the west of us. They tend to take the brunt for us metro folks and divide a bad weather system right in half. So instead of wasting a day, the kids and I went Christmas shopping and out to see Santa. Now to take an autistic child to the mall is right up there with bungee jumping without the harness buckled. But Matthew was so excited to see Santa, that he went in his room and got his best shirt, vest and pants on, without even being told to do so. This is a child who NEVER wears a buttoned shirt, but for Santa he was a perfect angel, until he saw the line of children waiting ahead of us, and I could see in his eyes how hard it would be for him to stand in that line and wait.

Then a Christmas miracle happened. One of Santa's helpers noticed us---because we'd been by several times, and asked why we weren't getting in line. And I quietly explained how the line would be too hard for Matthew, but it was okay as long as he could look at Santa from the sidelines. Well, the elf wasn't happy about that and took us to the head of the line and let us cut. No one complained and everyone understood and it was such a wonderful gift.

We left the mall, the three of us, all smiling and happy, shopping for Daddy all done and the world a little brighter.

Well, today we finally got the snow that was predicted for yesterday, no mountains could stop this, and we are all home for another snow day, and it is peaceful and beautiful and time for me to get back at my Clapotis.


Cindy said...

Hooray for that "elf"! :)

Portland has been hit pretty hard by the storm -- we're not used to snow on the valley floor! Today was better, but tonight. . . well, who knows! My sister is in Spokane and they are really getting smacked.

The Clapotis looks lovely. I'm sure your mom will love it.

Anonymous said...

Yea! for Santa's Helper! Glad you had such a wonderful time and enjoy the snow you are now getting, for me, Please? Haven't seen a good snow in years, down here in TX - not where I'm at anyway. And that's why I moved here, because I thought they got snow in winter! Argh!


flatlander said...

The clapotis is beautiful but what is it? I also have an autistic grandson named Matthew who lives with us. He is a fun quirky kid!