Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It Was!

As I said before, I stressed about being without enough projects for a five day trip. I'm not the only one who does this--the Yarn Harlot posted recently about stressing about having enough for her knit night--in a yarn shop. It was comforting to know that my turmoil and issues are shared by others.

I did make a good jump into my Christmas knitting, casting on a Ballband Dishcloth on the car ride down. It was pouring rain, the freeway was hectic and my husband's driving tends to make me nervous. So I cast on, cast up a prayer and just knit. And lucky or not, he missed the exit and we had to drive five miles down the highway to get turned around, then got trapped by a train for a half an hour (no, honey, you can't beat that train), then road construction on Hwy 30 outside of Clatskanie had us stuck for another 45 minutes. So I got a dishcloth done on the way down to Seaside.

I'm sort of amused as to how the colors pooled, and have a second one cast on that I hope will be a little less looking like a red state - green state dishcloth, and a little more like it's been mixed with Christmas Cheer.

After I finished the discloth, or what I should probably call "A Christmas Divided", I cast on and finished Jared Flood's Turn A Square Hat (Ravelry linked) for my son. I had intended to save it for Christmas, but when it was finished, I wanted to try it on him, and he loved it so much, I let him keep it. It hasn't been off his head since. This picture is already dated, as the braces came off this week.

But I do love how the Plymouth Boku yarn changes with the stripes, and how it blended so nicely with this skein of Cascade 220 I found tucked away in the stash. I've come to think that found yarn in the stash is right up there with finding spare change in the cushions.

Now with that said, having knit this hat and knit it for a kid, I would recommend starting the decreases around 4 1/2 inches or even 4 rather than at 5. The hat is a little big for Nick, but as he says, "I'll grow into it." And he probably will.

I plan on knitting two, maybe three more of these before Christmas--all for the nephews which I have in spades (6 at last count). They only take about two evenings to knit, and it is fun to watch the colors shift. I found online a black and gray colorway in the Boku, so I am on the hunt for it locally, because I think it would make a really killer man hat.

Finally, in between a dishcloth, a hat, a mitten (the other is still not cast on), I also began a Clapotis for my mother. So far I am through the first two sections and diving into the long stretch of the third, but I love the pattern and find myself knitting anxiously to the point where I get to drop a stitch.

Isn't this Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb absolutely gorgeous? This is one of those projects that you knit wondering why you want to give it away because it is so soft, and gorgeous. But it is a good excuse to buy more yarn and make one for myself.

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