Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The No Wool Diet

There are lots of words that will strike fear in the heart of any knitter. "The dog ate my Options." "I can't find my pattern." "I ran out of the dye lot and I only need one more skein." But there are two words that are will cut you straight to the heart:

No Wool.

Why not just take my knitting needles and stake me? was what I thought when the doctor told me to stop knitting with wool. You see, the hives got really, really bad, so I went to another doctor, who turned out to be very thorough (as opposed to shrug-his-shoulders-and-just-toss-a-bunch-of-medicine-at-it doctor) and she put me on the No Wool Diet. I don't blame you if you are so worried or frightened now that you stop reading and run. I probably would. So if you are nervous now, don't read much further.

Apparently you can develop these sort of allergies with time. And it isn't just wool, you have to worry about, but any animal based fiber. Alpaca, mohair, cashmere. So I had to pack it all away and for the time being I can only knit with fiber based yarns or acrylics.

Yeah, I warned you, scary stuff.

I drove home in sort of a daze. "My stash. My lovely stash," I muttered.

Then I remembered. I had a bunch of cotton stashed. I sort of brightened, felt the sun rise over the horizon, and knew life as I knew it wasn't over, just different.

Dishcloths, anyone?

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tiennie said...

Oh no! Is this permanent? At least you have pretty pretty cotton.