Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding Spring

Isn't the is most wonderful colorway you've ever seen? It makes me think of a bucket of tulips at the the Farmer's Market. Or Berry Sherbet. Or Fruit Punch. Or a bunch of other colorful, happy things.

I had an entire skein of this Sugar 'N Cream and went wild with it. Knitting that dishcloth up above (a modified version of the Mason Dixon Burp Cloth) and this one, a modified type of Ballband dishcloth from Thrifty Knitter using up that fun green I had leftover:

I love it with this old Haviland Cake plate. And here is both of them, modeling together:

It was all I could do to keep myself from running up to the hardware store for paint and start redoing my kitchen. Okay, thankfully I have a book due March 15, so that is more pressing than my wild-hare idea to have an apple green kitchen with yellow and pink accents. And if that isn't enough, then I still had some left, and knit this Petal Dishcloth, which couldn't be easier. Though next time, I will stick to one color because it took me almost as long to bury the ends as it did to knit it.

And then last night, finished another Ballband:

And my gift stack continues to grow:


Dorothy said...

The colors are great! I love the petal cloth!

tiennie said...

Those are really pretty colors!

Dorothy said...

The two hour felted bag was a total snap to make! It took me longer than 2 hours, but only because I was interrupted pretty regularly.

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I will try out the Beatles on the kids.

Cetta said...

Elizabeth! Thank you so much for the swap package -- I love everything in it!

kasiaiscarly said...

OOH! how springy! love the first two cloths, and the petals!