Sunday, January 20, 2008

Knitting Forward, Knitting Back, Contemplating Cloths, and Wondering about Swaps

Working on my Weasley almost non-stop and have finished the back,
and nearly the front. I had to make an after dinner emergency run to Seattle Yarn because I thought I had some silvery yarn to make the initial with (having had the request for Ravenclaw colors), but I couldn't find it. Then I tried every yarn I could think of with it, and couldn't come up with a combination I liked. So I begged help from the great gal behind the counter. And in all of five seconds, she cocks her head, looks at it, walks over the racks of Plymouth Encore and pulls out this brown that is just outstanding. I never would have done that, but its perfect. Never hurts to ask for a second opinion.

I am singularly unimpressed with my intarsia, its all poofy and odd shaped stitches. I tend it knit really evenly--I'm not bragging, I just always have knit really evenly, until this intarsia and it looks like hell. But instead of pulling it all out and doing it over (as I have had to do with the neck line) I am going to keep it--it has that Mrs. Weasley homespun look to it. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Besides, it is for a nine year old boy. Like he's going to point out my beginners stitches to one and all.

This entire project is going really quickly, which is good as I have to get knitting on my swap cloths. The topic this week at the swap is should you call it a dish cloth, dish rag, face cloth, or something else. I don't think it matters--it was knit with care and meant to be used, not framed and put in the Smithsonian. For goodness sakes, use it until it looks like a rag and then beg for a new one.

Now onto my final matter. For all of you who have been in swaps, what are some of the things you've received that you really liked, loved, or found puzzling. All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

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tiennie said...

I think it looks great! Maybe if you block it, you'll like it more?