Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Christmas Needles are Flying!

Been knitting like a madwoman of late--trying to get some Christmas presents on the way. Helps when it's been raining like crazy here in Seattle, and I've been a bit under the weather, so curling up and knitting Christmas presents keeps me from feeling too guilty about neglecting the writing--but that only means I'll have to crank pages in January and February. Though when you see the packed malls and all the people scurrying about this season, I can know I am not the only one putting things off to the New Year.

My 2007 gift of choice is the Luxe Neck Warmer, which I've been knitting with every type of yarn I think will work, including several out of the Lion Brand Cashmere:

I love this yarn. Warm, soft, great to knit with. A little pricey, but it only takes two skeins to knit one neckwarmer, and I think when I get everyone's done, I am going to take the leftover yarn and make myself one--striped in the Lion pastels. I've also made a couple with the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, which makes a really luxurious piece for around your neck.

What I love about this neck warmer is the stitch pattern is so easy to memorize. Of course, after knitting seven of them, you would hope that you could remember a 4 row pattern. Here is my favorite--the baby blue in the Lion Brand Cashmere--the lace really stands out and I know my aunt is going to love it!

Now here is a rub with my annual make a ton of gifts--Matthew has a male teacher now! Really don't think a lacy neck warmer will work there so I downloaded the Knit Picks Men's Convertible Fingerless Gloves pattern, ordered up a bunch of Shamrock yarn in Reilly,

and knit up a pair yesterday:

I'm going to modify the pattern when I make the next pair and leave the size 7 dpns on until I get up the hand a little bit, then switch to the size 9s. They are a little pouchy on the husband's hands. I kept using him as my hand model and he kept assuming I was knitting them for him. Sorry, honey. I like the pattern and yarn--a very fast knit, though the Shamrock is a little splitty to knit with, I think the final product is a great, warm glove.

I keep adding more projects to the knitting basket and have a feeling some of them may end up being birthday presents for later in the year . . .

What is everyone else knitting for Christmas???


tiennieknits said...

Those are fantastic gifts for Christmas!

Once again, I refuse to do any Christmas knitting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are so pretty. Now I know what I am making for Christmas next year. Though I think I will make one for me first. I love neck warmers, they are my favorite thing over a scarf any cold day. Yours look so pretty, lightweight and warm that I think even my grandmother will like wearing one. (She'll probably even wear it in the house to chase away the chills.) Where do I find the pattern? - Victoria *:)

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Victoria, the pattern is from the book Knit-2-together, and is the Luxe Neck Warmer. I love mine! It is perfect on chilly days and great for walking or biking because it isn't as bulky as a scarf.