Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Knitting Suggestions

While I am still knitting away on the Luxe Neck warmers (I think I've added three more to the pile since I last posted) I thought I'd share something I made recently that would make a great quickie gift if you are looking for one.

Consider trying Amanda's Squatty Sidekick, especially if you've never felted before or if you love felting and know how quick felted gifts can be. I had offered a handknit purse as a prize to a group of readers on a bulletin board a while back--hoping that the winner would like pink, since I had just finished a pink purse--but she wanted black, so I tried this pattern, which I'd had printed out in the pile "must knit patterns" that stacks up on my desk.

I used that old reliable for felting Cascade 220, but might suggest Manos as it makes great felted fabric. Really, this is for a quick Christmas present, so whatever you have in your stash that will felt should work. Can you read between the lines already--December knitting desperation is setting in early this year. But this purse knits up really fast, especially with those big fat needles.

Then into the pillow case protector it goes.

I hope no one thinks they can felt without a pillow case protector. Unless you want to see the Maytag man or find out if Sears is offering "one year free financing" as you buy your new washer, don't felt without one. Then into the washing machine, with a little shot of Eucalan, and come old towels and a pair of ratty jeans I keep just for felting. When it gets to be the size I want, I trip the washing machine over to the spin cycle and let it get all that extra water out. I know some people say not to spin it out because the felting might get creased, but I have never had this happen. I just take it out of the washer, pat it into shape and let it air dry the rest of the way.

Then I take a look through Mom's button jar for just the right button closure and voila, a quick gift.

Even better with a selection of books for tucking in for a quick read--especially since you now know the author! Great Christmas presents, don't you think?

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Dawn said...

I happened upon your blog recently and really enjoy it! I love this pattern! I'm off to find my needles....:)