Thursday, June 14, 2007

Say It Isn't So

Destash for Cash is gone. I know. I should have told you to sit down. Warned you to have your heart medication nearby. Or at least had a skein of cashmere to clasp to your heart when you heard the news. My daily fix of peeking into other's stashes and cast aways is now gone. My fix, my five times daily shopping trip without leaving the house or spending any money. I just looked and considered what I'd knit with those skeins and then get on with my day, satisfied with my virtual knitting.

Goodness where will I go now? Start cruising Webs? eBay? It just won't be the same. Then I start bidding and collecting more yarn. At Destash I was usually too late to buy but it still had that bit of thrill of finding some great yarn.

I think of a moment of silence is appropriate.

1 comment:

tiennie said...

Have you put your name in for yet? They have a trade/sell feature in there and will try to take over where destash did.