Sunday, June 17, 2007

Having Had the Knitting Life Sucked Right Out of Me

I got this brilliant idea to switch my home office into the boys' smaller room and give the two of them a bigger room. To do all this I only had to:

  • Clean out 15 years of collected books, files, writing notes, conference notes, handouts and various bits and pieces
  • Pack remaining treasures and remove from said office
  • Paint said room. Apparently lavendar is not a color for boys.
  • Move aforementioned lavendar hating children into new room.
  • Clean out their room. Did I mention this is 2 boys? Now you feel my pain.
  • Paint blue bedroom to more colors that will inspire romance. Raspberry Blush and Pineapple Fizz to be exact.
  • Find furniture that will fit in small bedroom. Woe is me, I have to go shopping.
  • Move in and start writing again

    That was a month ago. Of course, one look inside my office:

    should have told me that undertaking this madness was equal to the fairy land notion where I knit exclusively from my stash. Should have realized what was in front of me when the DH looked at me as I laid out said plan and had only this to say, "Good Luck." Translation: Don't even think I'm getting sucked into this project. Sigh.

    So I dug in. And worked. And packed. And moved furniture. And painted, and cursed. Here is the new shot of my old office:

    But then I met my Waterloo. Their room. It has been a pain in the rear to paint, and I've had to put on multiple coats, tons of fussy painting to get the old blue covered and my crazy colors looking right. Finally I've got this:

    to look like this:

    For the last two weeks, I collapse every night onto the couch, glance over at my knitting and wish I had the energy to pick it up. I've got an inch and a half to the underarms on my Lucy, but if I get a row or two done a day, I'm lucky. And I've made scant progress on the baby sweater I'm making:

    But lucky for me, and unhappily for the mom-to-be, this baby is being stubborn about arriving. Just about as stubborn as Raspberry Blush paint!
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    tiennie said...

    Oh my! That is a huge undertaking but it looks fantastic so far - especially the boys' room. You'll have to remember to post pics of your office when you're done.