Friday, June 29, 2007

Last of the DeStash

This arrived today. The last of the Destash for Cash yarn I bought. Tiennie, who is all things wise in the way of i-yarn/knitting, says Ravelry will be having a swap section, so I eagerly await my invite there. This bit of lovely greenness is Rowan Summer Tweed. I bought it as I saw all the lovely summer sweaters being posted, but being late to the game as always, I won't have time to knit something for this summer, but next summer. So welcome to the Stash, Rowan Summer Tweed.

Also in the mail was this bit of eBay I picked up. They are ends of someone's hand dyed. They are quite pretty and I thought they might make great components for hats or mittens. Like using one of these for the brim or the cuffs and then knititng the rest in a Cascade 220. Which I might just have a skein or two lying around. Cough. Cough. Cough.

Some of the hand dyed that you see of late is, shall I just say it outloud, really awful. I heard it referred to the other day as "clown barf" and unfortunately that often fits. But these are just great colors to work with. See for yourself:


tiennie said...

I hope you get your invite soon! I think they're only up to mid-May requests to join right now but Jess and Casey are going to start working full time on it next week so they're going to try to send out more invites faster!

yarn addict said...

fun yarn you found. Don't you just love e-bay? I am thinking of getting rid of my credit card because I keep getting myself into trouble with it. Nice house project too!