Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring is coming . . . my camelia bush told me so

I always know that Spring can't be far away when my camelia bush starts to bloom. I've seen other bushes in the neighborhood sporting blossoms, but mine was being stubborn until today when a few buds finally decided to open up. So I ran out in a break from the rain and snapped some photos, in case there are some unbelievers out there.

As for the knitting, the Jawbreaker is nearly done. Really. I have proof:

I can't believe I knit a sweater in under two weeks, and given the extra two nights I had to do froggin the sleeves it is really amazing. Of course it isn't quite done. I have a thousand and one ends to weave in:

I really am NOT a fan of weaving in ends, its like doing taxes (which I need to get done) or going to the dentist. But I want to wear this sweater, so I must, I must weave in those ends. With two hours of American Idle tonight, I should be able to get it done. Then I can block it and finally sew it all together and knit the collar.

What I can' believe is how these three very different yarns all blended together like they came from the same dye pot. Amazing happenstance--especially the way the goat yarn makes such a pretty fuzzy cuff:

These pictures just don't do this yarn justice. The other little miracle of this project was that I was truly guessing as to whether or not I had enough yarn, since I was fudging the gauge and a whole lot of other things. I did a terrible job knitting the first sleeve. Not paying attention to the decreases or the length and it ended up being too long. Then when I went to do the second sleeve, I realized I was going to run out of yarn. So I frogged the first sleeve, redid it (shorter and paying attention) and then had just enough to finish the second sleeve. Want to see how much yarn I had left?

Pretty good guess, huh?

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tiennie said...

Wow girl! Way to work the yarn down to the last bits! Cheering you on to finish with the weaving.