Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heading to the Finish Line

My entire life right now is wrapped around finishing--finishing my Central Park Hoodie (here are the buttons I found this week), finishing the book I need to have in by next week, finishing my Jawbreaker--which only needs a little seaming and the collar picked up and knitted. Okay, so I have a few too many things on my plate right now. I wake up in a rush and go to bed at night making crazy lists of what I need to get done the next day and then forget where I put the lists.

Now as if all that isn't enough, I found out last weekend that I was nominated for a national writing award, the RITA. The RITA is given out by Romance Writers of America to books that the members judge are the best of the year.
My book, His Mistress By Morning, was sort of stretch for me, but a book I adored writing. Books are so much like knitting--because when it works and is all coming together the pages are like rows of perfect knitting. This book was like that--hardly any frogging. So I am really pleased to see it nominated.

So pleased with myself that I was feeling very smug today as I carried the copies for the final judging to the post office to mail off. Now the guy at the post office is used to me bringing in boxes of stuff, and always asks, "So what is this today?". And I was so poised to brag a little. But he didn't ask, he just kept avoiding making eye contact. Finally, he takes a deep breath, looks right at me and says, "Do you know you have green ink all over your face?"

Thank goodness I keep wipes in the car . . .

And when I find that leaky pen, I am going to make the following list with it:

  • Lose the ego.
  • Toss out this pen.

    tiennie said...

    Congrats Elizabeth on the RITA! I'm in awe of anyone that can write - but write well enough for a nomination? Wow!

    Wow also to all the sweaters clicking off your needles! Sheesh girl.

    Janine said...

    Ditto on the congratulations!!! And I love your conclusion....