Friday, February 02, 2007

Progress and Projects

I can't believe how fast this Top-Down Cardi from CosmicPluto Knits! is coming together. I cast it on about three weeks ago, and I am nearly finished. At least I feel like I am as I cruise through this first sleeve.

Tiennie asked how I was going to do the sleeves, if I was going to attempt to match them to the sweater, and what I've done is pull together all the skeins that predominantly have this blue/white twist to them, and then small sections of the taupe, and I am going to knit the sleeves in just these. So they won't be as patterned as the rest of the sweater.

When I get done with this skein on one sleeve, I'll get the other matching skein and start the second sleeve, so the two should match, sort of. At least, that's the plan.

I'm already looking ahead to my next sweater project, which will be the Lucy in the Sky Cardigan in the pink Cascade 220 that happened to land on my doorstep. I've got a skein wound and ready to be swatched in my work box.

Though I will most likely finish my CPH before I cast on another sweater. Every time someone posts their finished sweater, I get itchy to have mine finished. But I've also been preoccupied with what to do with my Madrona purchases, the Toots Le Blanc wool and the red hand dyed wool. So I ordered about a dozen knitting books from the library and between them and my own library, I hope to come up with what I want to do. If my Top Down fits as well as I think it is going to, I will probably do a variation from that pattern. Then again . . .

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tiennie said...

Your cardigan does look fantastic! I think we have alot of the same tastes in sweaters.