Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a little Spring?

I've been juggling too much this week. Kids home from school for mid-winter break (okay, who invents these fake holidays?), a book deadline looming (April Fool's Day--isn't that just ironic), and some pre-spring cleaning--which has been appearing on Destash for Cash. But with all this going on, I've actually been making headway on two fronts, literally.

First is the CPH, which is making nice progress and I should have the fronts shown here done tonight. Then I'll seam up the shoulder seams and do the hood. This is my night time knitting, the easy, not too much thinking knitting that I love. And during the day, when I feel a little more sharp and with it, I've been working on my Cascade Cap, from the Fair Isle class I took at Madrona. I'm not crazy as to how I put the colors together and it is too small for me, but I think it will make a great Dulaan contribution.

As I draw closer to finishing these, I start considering what I am going to be doing next. Finishing another UFO or casting on something new, perhaps a spring sweater like the Sienna Cardigan from the Fall 2006 Interweave knits?

Speaking of Spring, or the clear lack of it, the other night the wind started howling again. It howled and rained all night (not as bad as the December storm, but it was doozy all the same) and I lay there wondering if winter was every going to end. You see, in Seattle, in general, you can consider winter pretty much on the outs after Valentine's Day. Not this year. We had snow south and north of us the other night. As the wind blew like a banshee past my window, I pulled the covers up higher and dreamed of daffodils.

And today, with the sun out, I got my wish. Here they are peeking out of the ground like a promise of good things to come.

Not only that, as I ventured further into the yard to refill the bird feeder, I found these:

And these poking out from beneath the winter mulch:

Don't they make you smile? They sure put one on my face!


tiennie said...

Hooray for spring - and hooray for your knits. They're both looking great!

Janine said...

Hey, rule #1: don't judge your colors until the hat is completed! It's looking nice to me. Can't wait to see how it balances out when the top is done.