Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little knitting

After working on my Top-Down Cardi and my CPH using my 8s, switching gears and using size 1 circs is a bit of a jolt. However, inspired by the KAL Queen/Diva, Tiennie, I thought I would try out my new-found Fair Isle skills on the hat project I put together at Janine Bajus's all day class at Madrona Fiber Arts and join the Fair Isle February KAL.

Part of the class was learning how to choose yarns for a Fair Isle project and Janine, bless her heart, shared her stash for us to rummage through.

She also had come up with two hat patterns for us to use/inspire us to try out. You can see better pics of them on her blog, Feral Knitter. I thought this one looked very adventuresome, so I chose similiar colors.

So here is what I've got started:

I am so not a joiner, but Tiennie's enthusiasm is contagious. She's the KAL dealer of Blogdom. Be warned.

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tiennie said...

I don't know why I'm always being blamed for one thing or another. I prefer to think of myself as an enabler! ;) Come join with me! Your fair-isling is looking great so far.