Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Vest-uary

I know it is Groundhog Day, but to all of us on the Vest-uary KAL over on Ravelry, it is Happy Vest-uary, for all of us knitting a vest this month. Just so you can be in the know, the correct response is, "And how is your vest going?"

Being really jazzed about this KAL (which I am not really much of a KAL person, try as I might) this one is heaven sent. I'd been planning on knitting a vest this month anyway, but not I have an excuse to hang out with a bunch of like-minded, sleeve-less happy co-knitters.

I had my pattern at the ready, (Veste Everest from the Fall 2005 issue of IK), spent Friday evening winding the yarn (some Aran Tweed I bought a while back from an Irish vendor on eBay), and getting everything lined up.

In my excitement yesterday morning, after greeting my bewildered house of men with a cheery and rousing, "Happy Vest-uary" (let's just face it, living with 3 boys--and I count the DH in that head count-- just doesn't make for a lot of knitterly celebration), I was reminded that Sunday was the SuperBowl and they got on with their plans for nachos and pizza. I, on the other hand, cast on, and began knitting, until I got to the line in the pattern that read, "switch to larger needles."

Switch to larger needles? Oh, bother. I'm already using the larger needles. So I frogged what I had done, searched for a pair of size 4s to cast on with, ended up sorting a bunch of needles, cleaning out my knitting basket, and finally about kick-off, got back to knitting. I'm hoping the rest of Vest-uary goes without any hiccups. How is your Vest-uary starting out?

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