Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Calendar Says June, But It's February Around Here

The February Lady Sweater that is. Have you seen this? Maybe on Ravelry? Have you cast it on yet? Because this is like the Central Park Hoodie craze all over again. I had been looking for a sweater project for like the last three months, and when I spotted this on Ravelry, I was stash diving. Thank goodness there were no children in my path because I would not have been responsible for flattening them in my haste.

So the bag of Berroco Touche that I had stashed is now lovingly (and hopefully with enough yardage) being knit into a February Lady Sweater. I've always thought this Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern would make a great adult sweater, in fact the mom of the last baby I knit the original version for (see here) tried conning me into figuring out how to make her one. All I could think was, "yeah, not before I knit one for myself." Now the very divine and goddess worthy Flint Knits has done all the work.

You don't think that when I finish this one, I'll owe my friend a sweater?

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tiennie said...

Beautiful! I'm so amazed by how fast Pam's sweater has caught on!