Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've found my groove . . .

Knitting baby clothes. They are:

A. Small, in other words, knit an entire sweater in a week. Unless you are Tiennie, this is a huge feat.
B. Can be knit with cool yarn without a huge dent in the Visa bill.
C. Are then given away to someone who is going to drool all over it. Literally.

My latest FO? Another EZ Project. I am getting dangerously addicted to these Elizabeth Zimmerman projects.

This one is the Baby Jacket from the Knitters Almanac. I made it out of RK Cashsoft DK. The stuff is incredibly soft, but a bit splitty. I knit it both on metal straights and Clover Bamboo circs (size 4) and had problems with the yarn snagging with both. Not that it doesn’t knit up lovely, but those snags are frustrating.

As the mom of boys, there is something so fun in knitting something cute, lacy and pink. Well, nearly pink. These shots show the color really well—not quite a lilac, not really a pink.

I bought the yarn at Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island a few months ago, intending to knit another little sweater out of it. But after I knit the Baby Surprise Jacket, I thought I would try another EZ project and I loved it. I am so not the lace knitter, but this lace pattern had only two lines to memorize (well, three if you count the purl rows) so it wasn’t too much for my lace-impaired mind to wrap itself around. Despite the snags, I think it turned out real ‘purty.

I’d also picked up these buttons for the sweater. I’m a sucker for shell buttons and these flower ones were too cute! Especially when I knew I was knitting for a little girl. Of course in my mind I’d bought six of them, and put six buttonholes in the sweater, only to sew them up and find I only had five. Of course, I finished the sweater while back in Detroit, as we were there to see the new baby, and I was seriously bummed at being out a button.

Which meant only one thing: I had to go out shopping for more buttons. I hit JoAnne’s which just didn’t do it. I don’t mind JoAnne’s and shop there for stuff all the time, but when I put the time into knitting something special, I just hate putting cheap plastic buttons on it. Yeeeeewww! So after a foray into Joanne’s I knew I needed to find a yarn shop. Shucks. Darn. Twist my arm. And did I ever find a yarn shop. But more on that in my next post.

I showed the sweater, minus the last button to new mom, and she was delighted with it, and said she'd probably wouldn't use that button any way. And then she carried off the sweater and my button woes were over. And the baby?

Here she is, Baby Katy, with very proud cousin Claire holding her. Aren't new babies heaven?


tiennie said...

Love sweet little babies and your sweet baby sweater!

Tiennie can only do a sweater in a week if her hubby is around to pick up everything else in her life!! So don't be impressed. Thanks anyways for the nice words!

Jenny and Nicole said...

Don't you just love that sweater! I made one for a work baby shower and everyone wanted one for themselves.