Friday, November 02, 2007

Knitting in Circles

Have you ever felt like every project you touched was destined to turn into a disaster? That's the story of my knitting lately. So, I am starting a campaign to rename October 2007 as Frogtober. And I have the evidence to prove that this is an apt and appropriate thing to do:

The Case of the Too Big Mitten

Have you ever seen anything so big? I knew when I was knitting it on my trip to NYC that it was turning out too big. The cuff was fine, but by the time I got to the flip part of the mitten, oh brother, I was in trouble. But I finished it anyway so I could get an idea of how far off these mittens were so I could downsize them to make them into fingerless gloves for the husband, and then another pair for my son's teacher for Christmas, and probably a pair for my dad. They are frogged now, but not recast--I'm going to take them with me on our Thanksgiving travels and hope I have better luck on that trip.

And I offer Case #2 in my crusade to rename last month, Frogtober:

The Sweater that Makes Me Itch

This is the sweater I decided to do with the bag of Rowan Kid Classic I'd picked up on eBay ages ago. I went to all the both of modifying the pattern to knit it in one piece, added short rows for the bust so I could get a tighter fit, and am nearly up to the underarms--and horror, upon horror, the darn thing is making me itch. Well, quite frankly, everything is making me itch this fall, but this Kid Classic gives my wrists and hands a rash that drives me nuts. But I refuse to frog it. I've never been bothered by any sort of fiber--ever. I have to believe this is a phase, and this sweater will get knit. Eventually. In the Spring.

And then there is my Wicked sweater--which I had to cast on three times before I got the stitch count right, the gauge right, and finally cast it on and start it without discovering four rows in that. it. is. flippin. twisted.

So I've set aside all these larger projects and I'm going to do some safe knitting. Neckwarmers for Christmas. Mittens for Matthew's caregivers. And hope that November is the month that brings back the mojo.


Alison said...

Oh my, that IS a big mitten! Is there any chance you could felt it down to size?

tiennie said...

That is huge! I wish I had the courage to frog a project that doesn't work. Instead, I stay with it to the bitter end!