Thursday, May 24, 2007

March of the FOs or Making Room for Some New Stash

Been finishing some things. Just sort of the mood I've been in -- got too many half finished projects lying around and that bugs me. I'm trying to take a real hard look at things and say, "Finish it" or "Frog it" and do something else with the yarn. So here is the recent tally:

Finish it:

The Fair Isle Hat

This was from Janine's all day Fair Isle class at Madrona in January. I know I will need to take her workshop again next year, just so I can absorb more on color theory. This is okay, but obviously I have a lot to learn. Which is just fine with me. This hat is going off to Dulaan and I'm starting to plan more hats to knit, if only to get a better hand at the colorwork that is so much of Fair Isle.

Oh, and for those of you who like to peek inside, here are the floats:

On to the next project, and again in the Finish Category:

The Booga Bag

Here it is ready to felt.

With two recent trips to Portland on the train, I decided to use this as my travel project. And when one of the legs turned into a 5 hour bus ride, I not only had time to finish, but knit a pocket for the inside. When I finished that, I sent my husband the following text message.

On bus. Out of yarn. Send help. He thought I was joking. I was about to commandeer the bus and head to the nearest LYS. I think I could have gotten an aquittal . . . if I loaded the jury box with knitters.

Okay, back to the finish column. Here it is all felted up and ready to go:

Now when you look at the pattern and the picture here, it looks like a good sized bag. Not really. Even as I was knitting it up, I had that, "well this isn't going to be all that big," feeling. Just enough room for a small wallet, slim phone and keys. But cute nonetheless, and really fun. AndI love the way the Noro Kureyon felts. This is now my 2nd fav felting yarn, right behind Manos.

Frog It:

My Central Park Hoodie.

I'm not even going to take a picture of it. But I hate it. The sleeves stop at about my knees, and the fit is, well, terrible. I look like a lumpy sack of potatoes in it. And I really don't like the hood. So I am gearing myself up to deconstruct it and redo some things. Like the sleeves that could stretch from here to Idaho. But some other things first before I throw myself to the wolves on that one.

So in the Let's Play Hooky column, I hopped on a ferry the other morning and went over to Winslow to have lunch with a friend. Well, that was my big excuse for taking the morning off. The real reason was I had a 10% off coupon from Madrona for Churchmouse Yarns and I've been dying to go visit this shop. Oh, it was love at first sight. There were so many really, really lovely yarns. And of course, I couldn't go to all the trouble to take a ferry somewhere and come home empty handed, now could I? Not when I saw a vest knit out of this:

Mountain Colors Twizzle in Elderberry
85% Merino Wool
15% Silk
100% Heaven

Okay, twist my arm. One more shot:

Then, to my delight, two people are having babies in the next two months. My delight is two-fold. 1) I'm not the one whose pregnant, and 2) I get to knit for babies. And one is a girl, which really makes this a tri-delight, because I live in man-world. So I gathered up enough of these to make two baby sweaters.

With the pinky/lilac one I am going to make a sweet little girly cardigan, with the prettiest white shell flower buttons. The celery color, since the parents are going for the big surprise, will be a cabled hoody cardigan, perfect for a stylish Manhattan baby, boy or girl. I know. I know. I just screwed up a big person hoody cardigan. Well, the consolation on this, is that if I don't like the baby hoody cardigan, it will be less to frog. There's always a rainbow on these things, you only have to look for it.


tiennie said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love Churchmouse Yarns & Tea!

Janine said...

Congratulations on finishing your hat!!!! I'm sorry you aren't happy with the colors, but that does happen to the best of us, especially at first--your stranding looks great!