Thursday, May 17, 2007

5 Reasons to Knit in May

Sorry I've been so lame about blogging lately. Too many trips, family commitments, company, work stuff et al, and just not enough knitting of note. So here is the summary of what's been on and off the needles lately:

One Collar Finished

I've had the yarn to finish this for a bit, but just haven't made the time to knit the collar. Now all that is left is a little sewing and my Jawbreaker is done.

Two New Socks

I love these socks, but I don't know if I would knit with Socks that Rock sock yarn again. The color really faded when I washed them. And they are already getting a halo around them. Is that usual?

Three Pieces of a Purse

I finished my Booga Bag. At least the knitting portion. And had enough yarn leftover to knit a cell phone pocket for the inside. I'll get it felted this weekend. Who doesn't need a new purse?

Four Bad Words Spoken as I Frog This Sock

This sock could fit an elephant. I don't know why I think after three pairs of socks I can just wing it and it will come out right. So a froggin I will go and redo them. Sigh.


These I am enjoying knitting. Such soft, lovely yarn and really nice to work with. I'll finish the heel tonight and then start down the foot.


tiennie said...

Beautiful knits you've got going there!

Too bad about STR - I've recently purchased a ton of it. Uh oh!

Chrispy said...

If you washed them with tide or a color saver detergent, then that might have been the reason for the fading. I know that the dyers notes say not to wash them in Tide.