Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dashing to and fro

I think that's all I've been doing lately. Dashing back and forth trying to catch up on everything that I let slide while on deadline. So here it is almost May and I can't even remember most of this month. I've been promising myself for three weeks to sit down one night and finish the three sweaters I have nearly completed. The Top-Down I've been wearing without buttons, the CPH only needs buttons as well, and I finally found a skein of the green Pastaza I needed to finish the Jawbreaker.

But instead, I've been knitting . . . drum roll please . . . socks. OMG, how did this happen. I'm not a sock knitter. At least I didn't think I was. That was until this rotten cold winter convinced me otherwise. If it is possible, my feet are nagging me for more handknit socks. And when I go up every day to Destash, I find myself searching for sock yarns. Which the above picture will show, I have also been stashing said sock yarns. I couldn't resist this skein because these are so my favorite colors.

Yet here is why I am not a sock knitter. Because of that old fear of "One Sock Syndrome." I call this next shot, "One is the loneliest number" or perhaps "A pretty sock and one ugly old foot."

And usually after I knit one sock, well, I fall out of love with knitting socks and the second sock never gets knit. Not this time, from the moment I tried this first one on, I've been dying to sink both feet into these socks. So onto the needles went Number 2, and I've been happily knitting away on it. I finished the gusset decreases this morning and now it's down the foot I go.

As for my next pair of socks, (next pair? truly, check my back yard for alien pods because I am so not a sock knitter) I might even venture into the world of Monkey or just a fun pair of with this:

Or a pair of these anklets with this skein of Cascade Fixation which just begged to come home with me from Acorn the other day.

Don't you hate it when the poor skeins beg?

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tiennie said...

Oh yeah! You're hearing the siren call of sock knitting. I avoid the 2nd sock syndrome by casting on one, knitting it for a bit, casting on the 2nd, knitting it for a bit and go back and forth so that they are done at roughly the same time! Also, if I make adjustments to one, the 2nd on is close to the same point so I can adjust that one too.