Monday, October 30, 2006

Knitting Night

Okay, t'was the night before Halloween and the kids haven't found where I hid the candy. Yet. They are having no problems finding the pumpkin, grown by my brother and weighing in at 150 pounds! It was a kick to carve, though at times we thought we might have to get out the chainsaw. I'm using a three wick PartyLite candle to illuminate it. No wimpie tealights for this beast.

But the best part of tonight is uninterrupted knitting. Decent TV (okay, I admit it, I'm addicted to Heroes) and hopefully I will finish Foot 1 of my Fuzzy Feet.
I've been making small bits of headway over the weekend--but what I need are some really good knitting nights. Tomorrow night is a bust--between getting the kids out for Trick or Treat and answering the door, any hopes for some decent rows is just plain crazy. No, I need a good miniseries from Netflix and some nights of too much TV to indulge myself in. Get this knitting drive that comes every Fall kicked into high gear. Does anyone else just find the Fall is made for knitting?

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