Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Vested Interest

I began this vest ages ago, and it got put down for Christmas knitting and when I picked it back up, I realized I hated the short rows I'd put in for the bust.

The project is a Vestish, which I am knitting in KnitPicks City Tweed DK, in Plum Wine. I loved this pattern the moment I saw it--seconded by my love of vests. And the City Tweed? Nummy with alpaca! Just check this out:

So all those months back when I started this, I thought I needed more shaping up in front for the girls, but when I tried it on, it looked silly, so I frogged back 7 inches of stockinette. That hurt. So this week, when I ran out of yarn on my latest Paton's project (another "oh, crap" moment), I picked this up and swore I would finish it so I can wear it to the PLA (Public Library Association) conference in Portland at the end of the month. Nothing like a deadline to get the knitting moving.

I also modified the pattern by knitting it in the round rather than pieces, so it does take some time to get from the bottom to the divide, but tonight I will hit the happy 16 inch mark and be able to start dividing it up. After a lot of cabling and calculating on another project, I am in love with the joy of just knitting, round and round.

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Knitterary said...

I bought some yarn for this, too, but haven't cast on yet. I think your yarn is prettier than mine! Lovely shade of purple.