Monday, February 22, 2010

In Between

Now that I've begun blogging for Patons (you'll find me over there as "YoElizBo") I have found my knitting divided: my projects and their projects. Since I have to share what I do for them over there, I thought I would fill in with a little bit about what I've been doing on the side.

Socks . . .

I took a mini-class at Madrona Fiber Arts with Charlene Schurch (YES!!! That Charlene Schurch) and it was awesome. The class was on making socks more durable, a class I desperately needed as I have worked holes in nearly every pair I own. Mostly having blown out the heels. Charlene had some great suggestions like:

1) use the needle that gives you the tightest fabric. If you are seeing too much air between your stitches--it is too loose. Even if that means going down to 0s or smaller.

2) Use heel stitch all the way down the back and under your heel. Duh! This dense, thick fabric will keep your heels in play longer.

3) Use carry along thread to add an extra bit of support.

When I sat down this Saturday to patch my very first pair of hand knit socks, I realized all too quickly they were more hole than sock and they needed to be . . . tossed.

It was hard to do, but there it is--they gave me eight years of warm feet, so I have to say I got my money's worth with that pair.

I also took the current pair I am knitting and frogged the first sock back about three inches and starting doing the sole stitches in heel stitch to thicken up my "trouble spot."

And Using Up Sock Yarn . . .

I saw this absolutely fabulous version of the Multnomah Shawl on Ravelry and could not resist trying one with some Trekking XXL I had on hand. I think this is going to be fun, bright and warm to toss on, as well as being nice and soft.


Jody said...

dreamy good stuff!

Anonymous said...

What's the heel stitch? Is that the *K1 Slip1* version, or something else?

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Yes, that is exactly what heel stitch is-- K1 Slip1 one row, purl back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will have to try that! (I'm so hard on socks)