Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dog Gone

I have had Jill Eaton's Bow Wow Sweater pattern in my pattern collection for years. I've had yarn to knit the pattern for nearly as long. But as the years passed, I never got around to knitting it. As a mom with two sons, there is really no excuse for not having knit this quintessential boy sweater.

So when my cousin's son's wife had a baby boy (is that a long strung out line of relations or what?!) I knew I had to knit this sweater. My boys are almost too big for it, and I thought that I would give it a try in a smaller size before I knit in the larger sizes for my growing pair of lads.

What I love about this sweater is the color. That yellow just screams little boy. It also screams, "I'll be able to spot you across a crowded playground like no one's business." So I dug out the skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease that I had stashed and cast on for Wyatt. It is really an easy sweater to knit, and super simple: Here it is already to sew up the side seams:

You can't tell by my washed out pictures, but the color is really a good goldenrod, and not this faded yellow. Here it is all sewn up:

Isn't that just adorable? And if Wyatt is half the trouble his grandfather was (my cousin) his poor parents will need that bright color to keep tabs on him.

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it's wonderful