Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stops and Starts

I've been knitting. Really I have. Just not as much as I would like. Or rather not on the things I want to be knitting on.

That is my own fault. I went on a test knitting jag, and knit two different items for people developing patterns. One is already available on Ravelry as a download pattern and it was fun to make, mostly because I knew Matthew would love it. Here he is modeling Baxterknits' Aegean Vest. I do like this pattern and it is a great way to use up leftovers.

I decided to do this test knit because Matthew loves wearing vests. Go figure. The kid who usually wears only pajamas, adores putting on a vest. If he's going anywhere special or just wants to "look handsome" he pulls on his vest. So I knew he'd love have another one.

The two disadvantages of test knitting are being a deadline and having to stop whatever else you are knitting. Like this post heading, I've been knitting in stops and starts on two pairs of socks. I love socks for travel because I can tuck them in this fancy pencil bag I got last fall at Target. Fits in the purse and sits happily on the tray table so the yarn doesn't end up rolling down the aisle.

On this last journey (to Wichita) I ended up having a hellish trip back--what was supposed to be about six hours of travel turned in 17 hours of airport delays. And I worked on my socks, read a little Georgette Heyer, and worked on my book which has a May 1st deadline. I really like airplane knitting cause it does make me a calmer and less obsessed about the flight. But when you are in the middle seat it is darn hard to try on the sock you are knitting to see if you've got it right.

I think on my next flight, I'll just make sure I am at the heel turns so I don't have much to try on. Which if you are wondering is Seattle to Orlando. So I could probably do several pairs of heel turns over the course of that 5 hour flight. Well, let's hope it only takes 5 hours. I've seen quite enough of airports lately, thank you very much.


Knitterary said...

The vest is charming!

I'm already fussing over which yarn to pack for RT. So far I've narrowed it down to two sock and a scarf, and I'm only going for two days. It's the knitter's dilemma!

Theresa S.

Mae said...

I keep my knitting in a cosmetic case as well, but your photo makes me want to go pick up a new, brighter one!