Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Sidetracked

Okay, I am back on the bucket list as of last night, casting on my third Baby Surprise Jacket, but I got a little side-tracked trying to finish my last hat for Warm for Winter. And ended up knitting four more hats. So that might be considered a lot side-tracked, but after digging around in the stash, I found yet another skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, and since I was on a roll . . . well, I decided to keep knitting hats.

I have two places to lay the blame (other than my own compulsive "see yarn, knit yarn" tendencies): Ravelry and Stash and Burn. Ravelry for the obvious reasons. But Stash and Burn for Episode 61: Single Skein September -- Nicole and Jenny gave me way too many ideas, and then I just couldn't quit knitting hats until the yarn was gone. If you are looking for hat ideas and ways to burn up single skeins, it is a great episode.

However the hats I found on their podcast and the hats I ended up making are different, due to Ravelry's incredible search engine. Search using the filters and you can sift your way through all kinds of parameters to find the perfect pattern for the yarn in hand. Take this hat, The Republic Hat by Nicole Reeves, which is a great way to use up a chunky yarn and makes a great hat. I loved this blue one so much, that I very nearly couldn't give it up. Catholic guilt sort of ate me for a few days, and then I knit another one and then a another one, and finally, I had one for myself without any trace of guilt.

Finally, I got down to the last bit of yarn, and knew I had enough for a baby hat, so it was back to Ravelry and another search, and much to my surprise I came up with this:
The Fetching Inspired Hat, which is designed by my good friend Grace over at Grace Knits A Lot. This is just the cutest hat (my apologies for the sucky picture) but it used up the last of the Lion Brand, and now I am done with Warm for Winter.

I am. I am positive. Quite sure. Especially when I found out that the baby for the Baby Surprise Jacket is due in about two weeks.

Surprise, indeed!


Grace said...

I'm glad you liked the hat pattern! It looks great! Watch for a super belated post on my blog this weekend...

Mae said...

I agree, Stash and Burn is awful at making me want to cast on 80231273 projects all at once!!!