Thursday, August 21, 2008

Languishing Blog, Red Hot Needles

I've been knitting like a fiend this summer, having finished not one, but two sweaters. I am astonished. I am so NOT a summer knitter. But this summer the projects have kept me knitting and it hasn't been too hot to knit here in Seattle with the exception of last weekend when it was in 90s and the house was hovering at around 87. And no, I don't have air conditioning. Most folks in Seattle don't.

I've also been completely monogamous all summer. First with the February Lady Sweater, then the Liesl that I knit in five days. I kid you not. Five days. I promise a blog next week about both sweaters which I am already planning on knitting 2nd ones, something I never do.

And lately I've been working on the Flying V Shawl with the yarn I bought at Noe Knits in San Francisco. Don't you love the way my new Knitpicks Options needles look with my shawl. Nothing like coordinated knitting. I'm nearly finished, not that this shot shows it, but had a complete breakdown of control last night and had to start another project.

What was the project that lured me out of my safe and productive one project at a time mindset?

Felted Dr.'s Bag by Pipp's Purses.

You can find finished ones at Ravelry or get your own pattern at Pipp's Etsy site.
Way too cute. And I have tons and tons of little balls of leftover Cascade 220 that need a home in something. Like another purse for Elizabeth.

BTW, if my husband asks, I'm NOT knitting a purse, bag or other hand carried contraption in which to put girl things. Not in the least. It's a sweater. For a clown. Yeah, that's it. It's a clown sweater. He'll believe that.


Chris said...

Thx so much for the etsy site--I ordered 2 purse patterns and let her know I got her site from you. Love the clown sweater--Dr. bag. Happy Knitting.

Pipp said...

Thanks for linking my Etsy shop to your blog. I already had a sale from your post...woohoo!!!
I PROMISE to never spill the beans about the "clown sweater". I think he will catch on when you add the handles though!

tiennie said...

A clown sweater, yeah, that's it! :)

We do have A/C because our house roasts in the summer. I can't live with the heat!

madalyn said...

I love the Felted Doctor's Bag! It's been in my Ravelry "faves" list for months. One of these days, I'm going to buy the pattern and cast on for that sucker...