Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One Down

One sleeve left to knit. Really, really love this pattern. I keep pulling it on and just love how it looks. And it is the sort of sweater that looks great on a variety of body types--which you can't say about a lot of sweaters.

Helps that we are in the middle of watching Season Three of 24. Love me some Jack Bauer, but it can get a little tense, so I have to make sure I'm on the right row of the pattern before I begin each row.

I very surprised at how loyal I've been to this project and how much I am itching to finish it and get started on a Liesl. (Ravel linked here.) Knitting sweaters in the middle of summer? Go figure. Who would have thunk such a thing! Really these designers could be kinder and release these cool patterns in September for those of us without AC.


tiennie said...

You're almost there! It looks wonderful so far!

Love 24!

madalyn said...

The February Lady Sweater is marked as one of my favorites on Ravelry... your posts are making me want to cast on for it right now!