Saturday, May 24, 2008

No, My Feet Aren't That Long

My goodness this photo makes this sock look like it was knit for an octopus. Actually it was knit for my mother, who has very narrow feet. But isn't this yarn divine?! It is "Original" Duet Sock Yarn (dk weight) from A Swell Yarn Shop. Actually, I picked it up at Renaissance Yarns during last weekend's Destination Yarn Tour, that encompassed 24 yarn shops in the Greater Seattle area. I got to three--but I think I scored just fine with this yarn, which knit like a dream, didn't pool at at all (like the World's Ugliest Socks) and is so yummy soft. I love the fact that it comes with coordinating heel and toe yarn.

I can't believe I've let this blog slip so badly, but I blame the work. I am on a really tight deadline in my writing schedule, (the book is due August 1) and so I am spending all my time in front of the computer writing and working--go figure. Unfortunately, this blog is on the bottom of the priority list when it comes to typing extras, since after doing 35-45 pages a week, my wrists get a little sore. But thank my little early bird for rousing me awake this Saturday morning and giving me a little extra time to write something, anything about my knitting and not about Lady Gossett and her pirate lover--which granted is turning out to be a whole lot of fun--and even though I LOVE being a writer, it is still a job. I do keep up my writing blog, so if you want to look into my alter-ego life, as Elizabeth Boyle, Romance Author, drop by.

And for some reason, my knitting (unlike my writing) keeps getting stalled. Maybe I can only be creative in one direction at a time. I started a vest in some Mountain Colors I picked up like a year ago, but it came out way too big, so I frogged it. I've got two lacy sort of projects on the needles. Yes, me and lace. I keep trying. But they are the sort of things I slog along when I feel like I have the energy and patience.

I did venture into a little sewing project recently and made a couple of bags for sock projects. I saw a cute little cube bag on Etsy and now for the life of me can't find the link, but I thought they would be easy to make. And after consulting with She-Who-Sews-All, aka my mom, I came up with a pattern and made three in like no time.

I sent the turquoise ones to Jenny & Nicole of Stash and Burn as thank you gifts. I love their podcasts and those two have kept me laughing and entertained through hours and hours of Matthew's therapy appointments. For years, I have spent between 15-20 hours a week sitting in really boring waiting rooms or in the therapy sessions waiting and knitting. Their podcasts makes the time fly. Now, Matthew is down to only one outside weekly session, (thank goodness with the price of gas these days!) and the rest of his therapy is at home, so I listen to S&B when I go walking. If you haven't listened to them--do!

I'd rather hoped having a bag just perfect for sock knitting would inspire me to knit up my sock yarn, and that seems to be working. Now I just need to find the perfect "lace" bag to get me going in that direction.


Margaret G said...

Those socks are fabulous. I didn't know you could get coordination heel/toe yarn. I'm working on my 2nd pair of socks in sock weight yarn and have lots to learn, I see.
Your mom is goiong to love them. They look so comfy.

And the little bags are unique. You should list their dimensions.

As for writing, I can't have you gloss over that. I enjoy your books so much. So, lash yourself to the keyboard and keep at it. LOL

Grace said...

Your socks look fab! I have some duet sock yarn marinating in the stash; I may need to bring it out and cook up some socks. Your bags look awesome! I may need to make something similar...

Glad to see you back blogging about knitting!

tiennie said...

Pretty socks!

That's good news about your son. We all have life stuff to do so I'm glad for anytime you can spend blogging. Don't disappear though!

Love Stash and Burn too!