Sunday, April 06, 2008

Slammed with Busy-ness

And not enough knitting. I just finished another book, my 14th I think, and with it came just way too much time in front of the computer and not enough knitting. I did take a few hours on my recent trip to Minneapolis to finish A Better Bucket Hat (modeled here by Matthew, because he wasn't opposed to putting on Mom's hat for a pic) and then knit up another Two Hour Handbag, from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.

Note on the Bucket, I made the hat a lot shorter than the pattern called for, about 2 inches shorter. I ripped it out like three times trying to get it to the right depth, but now it is perfect and it worked great at keeping both the Minneapolis chill and the return to snow here in Seattle hardly noticeable.

I do love a good simple knitting project when I travel. Okay, I love traveling. Can't say the same thing for all the craziness that comes with being a Mom-about-to-abandon-her-helpless-family and having to leave clueless Dad in charge. Oh, he can cook and clean and feed them and get them to bed. It's all the running around with the kids that just puts him over the edge. (Try it the other 360 days, buddy) So to save some angst and household peace, I foisted off one kid on my mother and left the DH with the little man. But still, I had to leave the detailed instructions for the school pick ups, drop offs, lunch menu essentials and backpack essentials. Men just don't speak the language, you know?

So nothing made me happier than breezing through the airport solo and then flopping into my seat with nothing to do but turn on The Tudors on the iPod, and knit away, knowing that no one is going to interrupt you with "Mom! When is Dinner!" or "Mom! Matthew is __________(insert some sort of disaster here and do be creative, because I doubt you can come up with anything Matthew hasn't done.) A couple hours of knitting and watching Henry VIIIth cavort can cure all kinds of ails. Oh, yeah. Mom Heaven. Can I book a seat on this flight every week?

But I've gotten done with this book feeling creatively drained (dark angsty heroes always do that to me) and I just can't get my knitting cojones together to cast on a sweater or some other really challenging project-- something lacy like this or this. So I've come home and settled into easy knitting, one Axel Mitt done, (apologies for the horrid pic) and the other on the needles (note to self: need more Malbrigo--isn't that just a crying shame.) and another Seaman's Cap for Christmas in Winter.

I'm ready for spring and some gardening and some outside time, and nothing more challenging than a dishcloth or two. Which I just happen to have an unfinished one laying around, as well as a skein or so that need to get out of the stash and have a life.

What have you got lying around that you pick up when you just can get that swatching vibe going?


Margaret said...

I generally have 2-3 project going at the same time. Always a no brainer if I can't pay attention to a more difficult one. I've been making preemie baby caps using the Magic Loop method. That's a pick up, knit and not-think-about-it sort. Or the neck gaiter I finished a week or so ago and gratefully wore to a rugby game.

On the other hand, I got "2-at-a-Time Socks" by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I started that the other night. After practicing on scrap yarn, I dove into the good stuff. Just plain socks, but still. Bear in mind I am just learning to knit socks and have made only one. One sock, that is. Not one pair. I'm always one to jump into the pool before I discover if the temperature is to my liking.

You have inspired me with your lovely projects. I can certainly understand being drained at the end of a deadline push. Congrats on that by the way. I can't wait for the book. I imagine I have a good long one before the powers that be are done with it.


tiennie said...

A flight away from all the busy-ness of life as a mom sounds heavenly! I hope it was a good time away. :)