Monday, October 22, 2007

Calling All Knitters with Extra Stash

Just like this bag. Have I got a quick stash busting recipe for you:

The Second Annual Warm for Winter Campaign
Goal: To collect 1,000 scarves and hats for homeless men, women and children before mid-November. And believe me, they couldn't come too soon, because Seattle has already had its first winter wind storm.

To your stash, add two needles:

And you have a scarf for someone who has very little.

I also dug around and found a pair of mittens that I intended to gift someone but then found out they hated blue. And a child's hat that the intended child has gotten too big to wear. I figured I would dedicate two weeks of my knitting life to making scarves and a few hats. Want to join in? Take the next two weeks--clear out some yarn, and warm up a stranger . . . it will warm your heart in the process.

For more information or to donate some quickly finished FOs, contact warmforwinter AT yahoo DOT com.



Thanks for the tip about the top down sweater pattern! You have a nice blog full of beutiful knitting!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for sharing about, I founded this project in '06 and we collected 1,660 handmade hats and scarves that year and delivered to 30 local service organizations assisting the homeless. In '07 2,389 handmade hats and scarves were delivered before Thanksgiving once again, in a special January effort with Pacific Fabric stores another 2,700 hats and scarves went to 4 counties relief agencies. Thankyou for participating!